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        AshleyTempes, 20 years, Internet

I speak English  

Girl Alone, straight

Hair Color: Brown
Zodiacal Sign: Aries
Height (cm):
Weight (kg):
Breast Size: Big
Smoker: NO
Drinker: NO
Ethnicity: Caucasian

Hi! I am Ashley! Welcome to my room! I love when someone is watching me ... Actually, I'm a cute shy girl. But when I was about 13 I started my little games) It all started when my bust was formed. I noticed that my brother was embarrassed when he saw it through a T-shirt. I became crazily excited ... I wore a translucent shirt and childlike panties and went to my brother with some request. I was all burned, my nipples stood out frankly on the white matter. And my little sweaty breasts swayed when walking. When I approached him, he got frozen and looked away. My pussy get wet and I bent down to him, uncovering full breasts before him. He could not concentrate on anything other than those two magical objects of his desires. His pants vividly draw a silhouette of swollen penis and bumping its head up. When he shifted his brilliant pupils enlarged from beguin from breast to my face, I said, \\\"Remember!\\\". And turning around walked to the door. Before the door I dropped a pencil. To pick it up I had to bend down so that he could clearly see a wet mark on my panties. Coming back in my room, I left the door ajar. I lied down on the couch, took off my shirt and began to masturbate my swollen lips through the panties. My brother came to the crack in the door. He got down his pants and began to jerk off on me. I pushed my panties and began to fuck my smooth pink pussy, looking straight into his eyes. His cock burst from hard-on, and he began to cum violently clenching his teeth. I let out all my passion and was coming without stifling groans. I poured all around with my juices. My brother went to the bathroom to wash off all traces of his secret desires. And I took off wet panties, put on an innocent dress and went for a walk. While walking, I wrote down my thoughts in a diary. Sometimes, passing by some man, I dropped a pencil ...

I am online: Daily between 14-22, except on Sunday.
Last time online: 12.15.2018, 07:38:19 EET


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